Pistol Caliber Carbi
4/10/2016  9:00 AM 
Not available


April Pistol Caliber Carbine match will have 5 courses of fire approx 130 rounds. Calibers allowed are 9,40, and 45 only (no30cal). All starting positions will be standing in box A, loaded with 10 rounds (NOT 10+1) and held at low ready. All rifles must be either bagged or held vertical (muzzle up) with a chamber flag. No slung rifles are permitted. 

*Bagged rifles must only be un-bagged at the make ready command. At the unload show clear command, action must be locked back and bagged before the all clear is given.

*Carbines using chamber flags must always be carried muzzle up in between pits and when being brought to the firing line. At the make ready command remove the chamber flag. At the unload show clear, chamber flag must be re-inserted and carried back to the rack with muzzle up.

Failure to follow these procedures will result in a DQ.