Knock Down Steel
8/22/2019  5:00 PM 
Not available
Not available


LIPSA - Members Only - Thursday Night Steel League

4 Stages (12-14 rounds per/stage) approx 60 rounds.

LIPSA members only. This match is not open to the public. 5 weeks, 3 lowest combined times in a division to qualify. (This means you must make 3 out of the 5 Thursday evening events to be ranked for the series in a paticular division to quality for a prize).

$10 entry fee per/gun (Multiple guns welcome)


  • Open Auto
  • Stock Auto
  • PCC
  • Revolver

All safety rules apply. Low ready start with muzzle touching mark on Barrel. Mags on Barrel or from belt. No more than 10 rounds in the magazine. (No 10+1)

This is a time plus match. 1 missed steel = 5 seconds.