7/5/2020 - 7/5/2020
Defensive Pistol
7/5/2020  9:00 AM 
Not available


Defensive Pistol

6 Stages - 108 Rounds


CDP (Custom Defense Pistol) 
SSP (Standard Service Pistol) 
ESP (Enhanced Service Pistol) 
SSR (Standard Service Revolver)
ESR (Enhanced Service Revolver) 
CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol)
BUG (Back Up Gun)
CO (Carry Optics)
PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine)

NFC (Not For Competition)- Bring your 22 (Rifle or pistol). Bring your Limited gun. Bring your Open gun. You can even bring your AR (As long as there’s no steel). Come out and have fun. All rules apply except for the cover garment. You can leave that at home.